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If you're addicted to bingo or you're just the occasional player, the community center is the place to be on Tuesday evenings.  Bingo game cards go on sale at 6 PM and games start at 6:45PM.  Come join in on the fun.

Point of contacts:

Terry Satterlee (355-3333)

Cathy Hepp (788-5203)

Diane Taggart (355-3667)

We think it is safe to assume that everyone knows what Bingo is, and how it is played. Even if you have never heard or played the game, you will not have troubles understanding the concept behind it at all. Bingo offers simple game play that can be enjoyed by everyone, although Bingo in North America is recognized as a game played widely in retiring homes for entertaining the elderly. It is also more of a family game, and it hardly can be called a real gambling game, but a lottery-based game of pure luck.

Bingo is known for offering interesting cash prizes ever since the 16th century when it was invented in Italy. It was regarded as a very entertaining game that quickly became popular. The game came to America and a wider audience in the 1920s when there were plenty of Italian immigrants that searched for a better life.


Bingo has basic rules that are extremely simple, which is one of the main aspects why it grew so widely popular.

  • You mark your numbers on a ticket with randomly predetermined combination of numbers.

  • When the numbers are drawn they are marked by the players if the number appears in their tickets.

  • The smallest cash prize usually is when you complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of numbers. Different Bingo variations may include different patterns.

  • The biggest Bingo prize is usually when all of the numbers on your ticket have been drawn and crossed out.

  • Bingo tickets usually follow two formats, a 90 ball format and a 75 ball format. The 90 ball Bingo game is usually played in the UK and is played with a ticket that has numbers arranged in a 9 x 3 grid. The 75 ball Bingo is usually played in the US and is played with a ticket that has numbers arranged in a grid of 5 columns and 5 rows of numbers.

  • The numbers are drawn at random.

  • Each ticket contains a total of 15 to 25 numbers, depending on the Bingo game.

  • If you decide to play real-life Bingo in bingo halls, usually you have to yell “bingo!” before the next number is announced. If you don’t call bingo and the game has finished, your ticket will become worthless.


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